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  1. How to Make a CMS Page Rewrites in Magento 2

    Besides Product and Category, CMS Page is one of three components store admins can redirect the companies to different link if there is any change on the CMS page. With the URL Rewrite tool from Magento 2, the URL of the content page or other page can be set for the rewrite. In this topic, we learn how to make CMS page rewrites in the Magento
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  2. How to Make CMS Page in Magento 2

    <p>Magento 2 CMS Page is the set of your <a href="https://theonlinehelper.com/we-will-design-and-develop-magento-2-website/">Magento 2 website</a> pages utilized for sharing content. <a href="https://theonlinehelper.com/magento-2">Magento</a> empowers you to design CMS pages for various purposes or translate CMS pages
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