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  1. How to update the sales email configuration

    For the sales email, if you add a custom email, you need to update their configuration with any relevant email. Then the correct email address will appear as the sender. Navigate to Admin panel > Stores > Configuration. Click on the sidebar then click on sales > sales email.  to update the sales email you can edit these
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  2. How to Add Store Email Address in Magento 2

    <p>In <a href="https://theonlinehelper.com/magento-2">Magento 2</a>, you have five different options to set up email for differents purposes in store view.</p> <p>There are three specified email sections and in addition, there are two custom email options. you can set up these customer emails according to you.</p&
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  3. How to add country options in Magento 2

    <p>In <a href="https://theonlinehelper.com/magento-2">Magento configuration</a> there is a Country option feature where you can set your country name and business location. And also you can select the countries with which you agree with the payments. <a title="Professional Services Providers" href="https://theonlinehelper.com/
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