Ajax Add To Cart

Ajax add to cart extension developed by TheOnlineHelper, helps to increase the shopping experience and provides facility to add product into cart without page loading. Customers can easily add products of any type into cart and edit items in add to cart popup.

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Version 2.4, 2.3, 2.2
Key Features

Key features

  • Enhance shopping experience
  • Ajax add to cart popup
  • Improve store performance
  • Compatible with all product types
  • Popup when product is added
  • Promote Related, Cross-sell and Up-sell products
  • Display product options in popup
  • Responsive and well designed layout
  • Configuration Settings to manage functionality
  • 60 days money back guarantee
    60 days money back guarantee
  • Free unlimited updates
    Free unlimited updates
  • 90 days Customer support
    90 days Customer support

Challenge of creating Ajax Add To Cart for Magento 2

In Magento when a customer adds the product into cart, then there is no popup or something that informs the customer about the product being added or not.

Solution for creating Ajax Add To Cart for Magento 2

Ajax add to cart extension gives the functionality of popup when the product is added into cart that helps to enhance shopping experience. Using AJAX cart customers can add products into cart without wasting any time.

Benefits you will get for your website

Ajax add to cart extensions have the ability to add products into cart through popup that are really very beneficial to increase shopping experience. Customers can add all types of product by use of ajax functionality without wasting any time and edit items by the custom options. Customers no longer have to open each product to add into the cart. In ajax add to cart popup, encourage the customer to purchase more products by showing the related, up-sell and cross-sell product in the suggested product.

  • Better Shopping Experience

    Ajax add to cart enhances the shopping experience, when customers will add products into cart then popup will show that display mini cart with custom options. From this popup customer can add more products without visiting any product page and be able to edit items.

  • Add to Cart Popup

    Ajax add to cart popup is very helpful to speed up the process to add products in cart and avoid from the page loading. Customers can get the best shopping experience from popup by using custom options.

  • Product Suggestion

    Ajax add to cart will show a portion of suggested products that encourage customers to purchase more products. Cross-sell, up-sell product and related products will show in suggested products.

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