Ecommerce UX design

Build a better user experience with The Online Helper. We will help you to navigate the complexity of web designing and improve your user experience.

What we will do?

We’re a creative team of experts in UI/UX design with a passion for detail. We are dedicated to turning complex ideas into highly intuitive interfaces.

Our mission is to help hundreds of people use eCommerce applications in their daily life. We are the first choice in UX design for Ecommerce businesses.

ui/ux scope
UI/UX Scope We start working on your project with an initial meeting to understand the scope of your business objectives.
optimised design
Optimized design We follow the best practices while designing an eCommerce website UX to drive more sales and boost revenue. An optimized design can help to boost conversions.
brand identity
Brand identity A design can fully communicate your brand values and brand personality, enhancing your store with your brand story.
Analytics review
Analytics review We will review your current site performance to identify issues and areas of improvement in your new design.
Personas and customer groups
Personas and customer groups We will create customer profiles to best inform design concepts, ensuring any designs are fit for your customer groups.
Competitor analysis
Competitor analysis We will also review competitors and similar brands to fully understand your vertical and find inspiration and insight from other designs.

Ecommerce UX

The default designs at eCommerce platforms like Magento are usually not catchy enough to get customers’ attention immediately. The success of an e-commerce website depends upon factors like design, quality of service, quality of content, and presentation. We help you to improve your user experience.

Our eCommerce UX design process

We use a design process that uses critical thinking and reflective practice. Our process is not linear. We make it easy to go back and forth between stages for a deeper understanding of your project which leads to better results and there is less chance of failure.



It consists of research, understanding the scope and learning deeply instead of assuming the problem.



We gather the data from the initial stage and come up with unique ideas based on that.



We design the solution to the problem defined in the first and second stages.



We try multiple solutions, reject failed ones, and improve the ones that do the right job.

See our work

We have helped many online stores from building eCommerce websites to creating their marketing strategy.

llyods banner image
Llyods Family Jewelry

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we designed the UX, built the website and Provided Marketing support. 

forbena banner image

Helped Forbena to launch their Store in 5 different countries with 5 different languages and currencies. 

italian banner image
Italian paving

Helped the Client in launching their new online store by providing UX and building the eCommerce website. 

Lloyds family jewelry

Llyods diamond jewelry specialists are working since 1969 to offer expert service at every level. The Online helper helped them to redesign their store, not only that, but we also helped them to migrate their website to the latest Magento version.

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in online revenue

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in online orders

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in conversion rate