Poland-based Fashion Retailers, offering a wide range of women's clothing, wanted to sell their clothes worldwide. So they asked for our help to build their website.

We Designed and Developed their website within 2 months. ANNMISS was launched in 5 countries: the USA, Germany, Poland, France, and Italy. Each had its own local server, language, currency, and domain. We also helped them:

  • Integrate an AI-based system that suggests product attribute values
  • Build Advance product importer for all stores: price, translations, and details.
  • Build an Advance review module
  • Build Product based suggestions
  • Integrate with their ERP system
  • With a lot more
  • Clothing
  • Magento 2
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Ecommerce
  • Website development
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Challenge of creating Magento 2 website

Got really nice products to sell but don’t have a website or got everything planned but hard to find the best team for converting your imagination into reality. Magento 2 is the best platform for an eCommerce website but very few developers are best at it.

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Solution for creating Magento 2 website

We will take your requirements from you and come up with the best approach to design and develop the Magento 2 website. The website will be built following Magento 2 standards and keeping in mind Magento 2's new releases.

Overall Impact

Forbena was ready to boost their store after the development and optimization work. There was a massive increase in revenue and sales within a few days of its launch. See the estimated statistics here:

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in online revenue

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in online orders

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in conversion rate


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Current Status

The Forbena understands the trouble customers go through. That’s why now you have an ecommerce store that allows you, to view a variety of clothes, and then buy a suitable one for you. Your order will be delivered right at your home within a few days.

After the website’s successful deployment, users have started benefiting from it. It saves them a considerable amount of time, and the client is also pleased with the end product.