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The Online Helper

We build Magento websites and modules, with more than 11 years of e-commerce and development experience. The Online Helper was formed to help businesses with their digital challenges. Our team has top software developers, designers, project and product managers from our worldwide talent network, customized to fit your business needs and requirements. Every person is selected for specific expertise, and they have years of experience working in managed teams.

Best selling Magento 2 Services

TheOnlineHelper is a UK based development company with 11+ years of experience. We focus on Magento 2 e-commerce platform to deliver the qualitative implementation of your ideas.

  • Full website creation

    You will get a full Magento 2 e-commerce website, with the best performance and an enhanced faster shopping experience.

  • Magento2 installation

    We will help you to install Magento2, Magento2 Modules/Extensions, or complete the eCommerce store as per your requirements.

  • Backup & migration

    We will migrate magento1 to Magento 2 & ensure almost zero downtime and ZERO data loss while finishing the upgrade.

  • Customization

    We will do customization in design to match the look and feel of the template to your brand.

Looking for something more specific?

Sometimes you may need a service with a more specific mix of skills to fit your project needs. Our team is always ready to listen from you, Let's see if we can help.

Featured Magento 2 Extensions

Check out our latest magento 2 extensions and enhance your customer experience by installing it to your ecommerce store

Our Creative Work Process

The Online Helper have its own unique process to work efficiently with clients, our team make sure to follow professional principles to get the project done.

  • Analysis

    Observe and engage with a client, in context, to identify tactic and latent needs and new opportunities, doing all the research.

  • Planning

    Thinking and listing about the activities required to achieve the desired product, Collecting the content and data.

  • Design

    Finding and experimenting with new emerging ideas, Getting the final design and spec plan for the product ready & finalizing it for development.

  • Development

    Developing and Delivering unit-tested products or applications. Coding conversion and content management.

  • Testing

    Measuring and testing the properties or performance of developed products & getting it ready for delivery.

  • Maintenance

    Delivering final product to the client, getting feedback, or determine the process of revising and improving.

Increase your company Revenue

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