Edition Calligram

An independent children's book publisher based in Switzerland

They were looking for an agency that can help Maintain and Grow their Magento 2 online store, as their old agency’s developer left so they could no longer support them.

“Editions Calligram” contacted us to help them out in their hard time and we took them on board in Nov 2022. Since then we have helped them:

  • Upgrade their website to the latest Magento 2 version
  • Add Free shipping messages in the right places to increase order value
  • Improve their header and product page
  • Improve their user checkout journey by recommending a few suggestions
  • With a lot more
  • Children books
  • Magento 2
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Improved checkout
  • Version upgrade
  • Ecommerce support
challenge imagechallenge image
Challenge of creating Magento 2 website

Got really nice products to sell but don’t have a website or got everything planned but hard to find the best team for converting your imagination into reality. Magento 2 is the best platform for an ecommerce website but very few developers are best at it.

solution imagesolution image
Solution for creating Magento 2 website

We will take your requirements from you and come up with the best approach to design and develop the Magento 2 website. The website will be built following Magento 2 standards and keeping in mind Magento 2's new releases.

Overall Impact

After the latest version upgrade and design improvements, there was a noticeable difference in the conversion rate. The Edition Calligram checkout upgrade helped them to boost sales.

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in online revenue

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in online orders

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in conversion rate


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Current Status

Edition Calligram is an independent book publisher based in Switzerland. We helped them with some support work and improved their checkout.

After the website’s successful deployment, users started benefiting from it. It saves them a considerable amount of time, and the client is also pleased with the end product.