Molymed Supplies

Multi-vendor healthcare and veterinary products seller

Molly the founder of “Moly Med Supplies” one day approached us to see if we could help her. Her old dev team messed up the new website and was demanding more money to fix things.
We went through the website and recommended rebuilding it as the old website was not usable. But our quotation for that was far below what other teams were demanding just to fix the issue they created themself. (We also quoted low as we understood the client had a limited budget due to losing all of it on a not working website because of old devs). We helped them:

  • By designing and developing fresh websites following their UX design.
  • Make their website support Multi-vendor functionality.
  • Integrate with royal mail.
  • Integrate with the warehouse management system.
  • Divide order items based on direct sellers or warehouse sellers.
  • By giving the best suggestion and explanations so she understands them well.
  • Maintained the website for a few months.
  • Medical healthcare
  • Magento 2
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Ecommerce
  • Website development
  • Ecommerce support
challenge imagechallenge image
Challenge of creating Magento 2 website

Got really nice products to sell but don’t have a website or got everything planned but hard to find the best team for converting your imagination into reality. Magento 2 is the best platform for an eCommerce website but very few developers are best at it.

solution imagesolution image
Solution for creating Magento 2 website

We will take your requirements from you and come up with the best approach to design and develop the Magento 2 website. The website will be built following Magento 2 standards and keeping in mind Magento 2's new releases.

Overall Impact

Their old website was a mess, after fixing many issues and giving them a new and refreshing look, there was a considerable amount of improvement in sales and traffic on their website. See the statistics below:

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in online revenue

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in online orders

Increase in online revenueIncrease in online revenue

Increase in conversion rate


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Current Status

MolyMed Supplies is a UK e-commerce website that focuses on, veterinary and medical equipment and supplies. We helped them to display and sell a wide range of healthcare, clothing, accessories, and everyday work-life supplies.

After the website’s successful deployment, users have started benefiting from it. It saves them a considerable amount of time, and the client is also pleased with the end product.