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Email Attachment developed by TheOnlineHelper, allows you to attach custom files in the sales order email, admin can easily attach and manage files from the configuration settings. Admin can attach files like term and condition, invoices, images and pdf etc. Admin can attach specific files for sales, invoice, credit memo, and shipment emails.

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Version 2.4, 2.3, 2.2
Key Features

Key features

  • Automatically attach files with email
  • Upload attachments easily
  • Support various file formats
  • Add email recipients
  • User-Friendly Configuration settings
  • Acl Permissions
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Free unlimited updates
  • 90 days Customer support

Challenge of creating Email Attachment for Magento 2

Sometimes store owners want to send custom files in attachment with your sales email, but Magento has no functionality to attach custom files with your email. That restricts store owners to send custom terms and conditions, invoices and updated information about the store to customers.

Solution for creating Email Attachment for Magento 2

Email Attachment developed by TheOnlineHelper, provides the functionality to send sales email with attachment. This extension supports various file formats to send attachment with sales email by using a secure email transport system. You can also add the email recipient (Cc and Bcc) to send email copies.

Benefits you will get for your website

Email Attachment developed by TheOnlineHelper, provides the functionality to automatically attach files with your sales email. Store owners can easily upload attachments from config settings. This extension supports various file formats, store owners can attach different file formats without any issue. Store owners can also add email recipients to send email copies to other people.

  • Automatically attach files with email

    Once you configured the email attachment for sales email from configuration settings then it will automatically send attachment files with email.

  • Upload Attachments Easily

    From configuration settings store owners can easily upload attachment files with just one click.

  • Support Various File Formats

    Email Attachment extension has the ability to attach different file formats with your sales email like pdf, doc, docx, txt, zip and images.

  • Add Email Recipients

    From configuration settings, you can easily add email recipients from the Cc and Bcc fields to send email copies.

  • User-Friendly Configuration settings

    Settings to configure email attachment is very flexible and easy to understand. Store owners can easily configure settings without any confusion.

  • Acl Permissions

    Admin will be able to set the permission access for the different users to give them access to email attachments functionality.

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