Allows to establish a separate tab and page where you can gather all customers' questions and concerns at one place with the collapse/expand feature.

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Version 2.4, 2.3, 2.2
Key Features

Key features

  • Page Customization
  • Categories Customization
  • Changeable category icons
  • Add FAQ link in header and navigation
  • Add and remove FAQ tab on product page
  • Configuration settings to manage FAQ
  • Compatible with multiple stores
  • Compatible with latest Magento 2 versions
  • You can view questions on the FAQ main page, which is well-organized.
  • FAQ extension facilitates the design of perfect FAQ's categories
  • Acl permissions
  • 60 days money back guarantee
    60 days money back guarantee
  • Free unlimited updates
    Free unlimited updates
  • 90 days Customer support
    90 days Customer support

Challenge of creating FAQ for Magento 2

Make certain that whenever a customer visits your site, he does not leave until his needs are met. If a customer comes in and doesn't find what he's looking for, it might be a major difficulty for the administrator, as customer arrives to buy a product and wants to know something about it but can't find the relevant information, he leaves and never returns to this site and in this way he would have a negative impression of your website, he will stick with it for the longest time. So, the FAQ extension informs you about product information and knowledge.

Solution for creating FAQ for Magento 2

FAQ extension developed by TheOnlineHelper gives the ability to avoid from keep answering of same and basic questions of customers.

Benefits you will get for your website

FAQ extension allows store owner to add the frequently asked questions that is very helpful to clear all the concern of customers. Store Owner can add information about products, checkout process, return policy, shippment, invoice, customer support and so on. By providing FAQ section, you can convert visitors into customers by showing well-organized product and service information that will help to increase sales rate and give better user experience.

FAQ extension for Magento 2 developed by TheOnlineHelper, provides the functionality to add the well organized and user friendly FAQ section. After Installation you need to enable the FAQ functionality from store configuration settings. You can add FAQ section as a tab on the product page and a separate page. You are able to add FAQ menu in the top menu and main menu. You can also set FAQ page name from the store configuration settings and also add the page banner and custom cms static blocks on the FAQ page. Store owner can change FAQ page layout by adding searchbox and page banner according to theme. From admin settings you can easily assign frequestly asked questions to faq categories or the specific products.

  • FAQ page

    The FAQ extension enables the main page that has been designed to maximize user satisfaction by providing as much ease as possible. The customer will get all of his queries on this page. Admin can add questions according to categories that will provide a facility for customers to find questions easily. The FAQ page is well designed and has the flexibility to change the page view. For example you can add a page banner of your own choice and also can add cms blocks at the top/bottom of the page. Which have the ability to add anything according to your requirements.

  • FAQ tab on product page

    The FAQ extension allows you to add a tab with customisable name functionality, In product tab admin can show questions related to products. FAQ tab is well designed to maximize user satisfaction by providing expandable functionality on questions.

  • FAQ link in header and navigation

    Admin can add FAQ links with customisation name functionality in top header or in navigation menu that will provide ease to customers to view the FAQ page.

  • FAQ’s Categories

    Each FAQ has a separate set of categories. FAQs are carefully organized into categories that may be found in the FAQ page.The amount of existing questions is indicated next to each category title. Answers can also be displayed with the expandable functionality, and customers can read questions in detail by clicking on them.Each category has a number of questions within it.

  • Changeable category icons

    Admin has the ability to change the categories icons as he wants from settings. Category icons are the important thing that make categories more attractive.

  • FAQ Quick Search

    Search functionality is a very quick way to get desired results. Search is very useful when you have a lot of FAQs. Your store’s customers can easily find their relevant questions with a single search instead of reading a bunch of other irrelevant questions.This way, customers can quickly read the answers about anything to make a decision before buying a product from your store.

  • Customizable Search Bar

    Search bar is well-organized and easily customizable from configuration settings. You can design a search bar according to your theme that will provide an attractive look. You can customize the search box title and its background color, customize the search field hover color and the inner text of the search field. Search customization functionality helps you to design as you want.

  • Custom CMS Blocks

    The FAQ page is well designed and fully customizable, from the configuration settings you can show the cms block at the top/bottom of the page. That gives the flexibility to add further things on the FAQ page according to your theme and requirements.

  • Set the permission access

    Admin will be able to set the permission access for the different users to give them access to manage FAQ.

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