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Guest to customer extension developed by TheOnlineHelper, helps to add the button into the “sales order view page” that will create a customer based on the guest order information by sending an email to guest, along with details of email and password. Guest customer can login as a customer by using these details.

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Version 2.4, 2.3, 2.2
Key Features

Key features

  • Creation of new customer account
  • Guest' orders are converted into customer account
  • Short login procedures
  • The improved shopping experience for customers
  • Configuration Settings
  • Acl Permissions
  • 60 days money back guarantee
    60 days money back guarantee
  • Free unlimited updates
    Free unlimited updates
  • 90 days Customer support
    90 days Customer support

Challenge of creating Guest To Customer for Magento 2

Customers are more likely to leave your store without making a purchase if the conversion process is lengthy and complex. They are also more careful when it comes to sharing personal information on the internet. As a result, the compelled registration does not appeal to them.

Solution for creating Guest To Customer for Magento 2

Customers are not compelled to register or create an account forcefully, by the use of an extension developed by TheOnlineHelper. The administrator can easily enable or disable this extension's functionality. Admin has a choice to put the guest into a customer or not(depending upon the requirement), which is quite feasible and easy.

Benefits you will get for your website

The Guest to Customer extension developed by TheOnlineHelper, allows admin to convert the guest customer into customer based on the guest order information and customers can skip the long process of registration. Sometimes a customer can leave your website without any purchase because of the long process of customer registration. Through this extension you can register customers by sending email. By converting guests into customers, store owners can get benefits of increased sales and also improve the site-experience and conversion rate.

  • Conversion Button

    In the sales order view page, admin can convert guests into customers by clicking on the button. That will create a customer based on order information and send email to guests along with the details of the customer account.

  • Automatically send Email

    From configuration settings admin can enable the option to send email automatically. By enabling this option, when the customer will checkout as a guest then the extension will create a customer and send email automatically to the guest customer.

  • Email Templates

    Admin can choose well designed email templates to send email.

  • Configuration Settings

    Configurations have different settings, admin can enable/disable with ease. Also have email settings that allow admin to setup email.

  • Set the permission access

    Admin will be able to set the permission access for the different users to give them access to the guest to customer functionality.

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