Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

We will provide do migration of all categories, pages, products, attributes, customers (along with logins and passwords), orders. You will also get. Setup Magento 2 Latest, Data Migration, Extension Migration, Theme, Integration, Bug Fixes, Cron and Index Configuration, Live Site.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration
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Upgrading your digital commerce site from Magento 1.x to Magento 2 may seem like a daunting task. However, the many benefits of this platform, including optimized web pages, accelerated response times, increased efficiency for backend operations, and more database flexibility and scalability, outweigh any perceived hurdles of making the switch. Only helper will stay with you throughout the whole process untill the migration is done.

Benefits of choosing magento 2 over magento 1

  • Improved admin pannel
  • New and Popular Payement Gateways
  • Compatibility with latest extensions
  • Better checkout experience
  • Better architecture
  • Better performance & load times
  • More mobile friendly
  • More security with better hashing algorithms

Our Creative Work Process

  • Analysis

    Observe and engage with client, in context, to identify tactic and latent needs and new opportunities, doing all the research.

  • Planning

    Thinking and listing about the activities required to achieve a desired product, Collecting the content and data.

  • Design

    Finding and experimenting new emerging ideas, Getting the final design and spec plan for the product ready & finalizing it for development.

  • Development

    Developing and Delivering unit tested product or application. Coding conversion and content management.

  • Testing

    Measuring and testing the properties or performance of developed product & getting it ready for delivery.

  • Maintenance

    Delivering final product to the client, getting feedback or determine process of revising and improvement.

Challenge of migrating magento 2 to new server

Migrating Magento 2 to a new server can be a problem when you have a site with high traffic or current server does not meet your requirements. Moving all data, content and code to a new server is a risky and difficult task. Magento 2 has many server requirements when it comes to server setup and installation on a new server.

Solution for magento 2 migration to new server

We will review your website code, data and media and come up with a plan how to shift the website. We will set up your new server with all required extensions and requirements for magento 2 installation. Move the code and set up everything with the database to make sure everything is working. Then we will do final migration by displaying the maintenance page, pointing the domain to the new server and uploading the final db to the new server.

What does this product include?

  • New Server setup
  • Domain pointing towards the new server
  • Media, content and data migration
  • Backup of database.
  • Test Website
  • Well planned migration
Magento migration services includes

Delivery Options

  • Normal Delivery: 10 weeks
  • Fast-Track Delivery: 5 weeks



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