Magento 2 Server Setup

Are you looking for Magento 2 latest version Installation? Do you want to get Magento 2 installed and configured on your server with or without Sample? data. You are at the perfect place. The online helper will help you to install Magento 2 latest version on Ubuntu with Apache2 and MariaDB.

magento server setup
install magento server

Is it complex to install Magento?

Yes, we know sometimes it is difficult to install the Magento 2 software. The online helper would like to help you by simplifying the installtion process as much as possible.

We will make sure that:

  • To provide you your own Magento server instead of using a shared hosting provider.
  • To start installation using composer create-project, which enables you to get the most recent Magento version.
  • To install everything on one host (database, web server, and so on).
  • To install the host on either Ubuntu or CentOS.
we will make sure

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Challenge of installing and setting up server for magento 2 server

Magento 2 has many server requirements when it comes to server setup and installation, that include right php version, mysql, nginx or apache config setting and a lot more. While installation we need to make sure that file permissions are all correct and all cron jobs are running. The list goes on.

Solution for magento 2 installation with server setup

We will set up a server with all required extensions and requirements for magento 2 installation. Which includes installing php, mysql user, elasticsearch and a few other things which are usually missing when we get the server.

What does this product include?

  • Server setup
  • Domain pointing towards the right magento folder
  • All magento 2 required extensions
  • Right file permissions
  • Robots.txt file for SEO
  • Document with steps on how you can deploy changes to the server
magento server setup includes

Delivery Options

  • Normal Delivery: 5 working days
  • Fast-Track Delivery: 2 working days



Place An Order

You place an order for magento 2 server setup and installation service without paying anything upfront.


Order Confirm

After the order is confirmed, provide us with the details like server ssh credentials and Mysql Root credentials.


Work in progress

We will install Magento 2 on the server with all required extensions



You can test the website.


Final Approval

After your final approval the project will be delivered.