Why is it important to have a bug free site?

Due to bugs data & monetary losses can cause so much damage which can lead the company to go out of business. If you are designing a website for your business, another client or personal use, it is imperative that your site is free of bugs. Bugs can render your website completely unusable as well as ruin your brand reputation with in some days. The online helper will help you to get a bug free & smooth website.


Close the website immediately

If your webiste have bugs, it will leave a bad impact on user and he will close your website immediately.

Less likely to purchase from your site

People don’t trust the websites with bugs, they might come to your website somehow but they will not purcahse anything, which can cause you loss in business.

Go to a competitor’s app

If the visitor will face any problem he will switch to your competitors site which is bad for your brand growth.

Company don’t care

Customer is always first priority, there is no way to expand your business if you don’t care about customer, Bug free website will build a trust in you & the site visitors

Use only one time

Alright, the customer may neglect the bugs and purchase from your website once but he will never come to you again.

Form a negative rating or opininon

according to research 88% of americans form negative opinion if the brand site have poor performance

The quality of the site

Quality of the site helps to attract the right audience to your website, engage them and work towards getting the user to take action on your website. If the content is fill of errors and not valuable, then they are more likely to leave the site. We will make sure to remove the bugs before publishing the website

Our Creative Work Process

  • Analysis

    Observe and engage with client, in context, to identify tactic and latent needs and new opportunities, doing all the research.

  • Planning

    Thinking and listing about the activities required to achieve a desired product, Collecting the content and data.

  • Design

    Finding and experimenting new emerging ideas, Getting the final design and spec plan for the product ready & finalizing it for development.

  • Development

    Developing and Delivering unit tested product or application. Coding conversion and content management.

  • Testing

    Measuring and testing the properties or performance of developed product & getting it ready for delivery.

  • Maintenance

    Delivering final product to the client, getting feedback or determine process of revising and improvement.

Challenge of creating magento 2 website

Got really nice products to sell but don’t have a website or got everything planned but hard to find the best team for converting your imagination into reality. Magento 2 is the best platform for an ecommerce website but very few developers are best at it.

Solution for creating magento 2 website

We will take requirements from you and come up with the best approach to design and develop the Magento 2 website. The website will be built following Magento 2 standards and keeping in mind Magento 2's new releases.

What does this product include?

  • Custom Theme
  • Custom Modules
  • Basic Website Configuration
  • Instruction on how to use the site
  • Unlimited revisions

Delivery Options

  • Normal Delivery: 2 days
  • Fast-Track Delivery: 1 day



Contact Us

Contact us for magento 2, Let us know your requirements or basic idea of what you are looking for.



We will break down the requirements and plan the website development, we will forward that plan and get it approved from you.


Work in Process

After each task or section is completed, you can review the work and suggest any impr.


Your Approval

After your final approval for that section or task, you make the payment.



Keep repeating for all tasks.