Importance of Magento 2 UX

The default magento 2 design is not catchy enough to get customer’s attention immediately. Customers tell each other If you do build a great experience for them. The success of an e-commerce wesbite depends upon some factors like the quality of the design, quality of the service offered, quality of content presentation and the desing of any an electric business program.

Magento 2 Importance

Important factors to follow

Our design experts work in a team and always make sure to keep the target audience in mind throughout the design process. The Online Helper considers the following factors while designing your ecommerce platform.

  • Operational simplicity
  • Effective use of visual elements
  • Clear data presentation via menus, catalogs etc
  • Strong branding
  • User’s ability to leave feedback about goods and services

Why is it important?

UI/UX design plays a very important role in eCommerce. Over all simple design logic, smooth transitions, microinterations, catchy product representations, quickly generated results, responsiveness, easy payment flow and a lot of other minor details can directly impact sales in business.

Our Creative Work Process

  • Analysis

    Observe and engage with client, in context, to identify tactic and latent needs and new opportunities, doing all the research.

  • Planning

    Thinking and listing about the activities required to achieve a desired product, Collecting the content and data.

  • Design

    Finding and experimenting new emerging ideas, Getting the final design and spec plan for the product ready & finalizing it for development.

  • Development

    Developing and Delivering unit tested product or application. Coding conversion and content management.

  • Testing

    Measuring and testing the properties or performance of developed product & getting it ready for delivery.

  • Maintenance

    Delivering final product to the client, getting feedback or determine process of revising and improvement.

Challenge of creating Reindex from admin for Magento 2

When you want to change some data in a product or category. After the change, a reindex process is required to show changes on the frontend. You cannot reindex from admin and it is a very time consuming process to ask your developer to run the reindex through the command line.

Solution for creating Reindex from admin for Magento 2

Reindex from admin for Magento 2 extension provides the facility to admin to run the reindex from the admin by just one click without using the command line.

What does this product include?

  • New Server setup
  • Domain pointing towards the new server
  • Media, content and data migration
  • Backup of database.
  • Test Website
  • Well planned migration