Product Bundled Discount

Product Bundled Discount Extension developed by TheOnlinehelpe, provides the facility to get discounts on packages of products. This extension encourages your customers to purchase more products and enhance your sales revenue.

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Version 2.4, 2.3, 2.2
Key Features

Key features

  • Set discount on product bundle set
  • Bundled promotion page
  • Add tag on product bundled set
  • Set product bundled type, flexible/flat
  • Specific promotion for customer groups
  • Related bundles on cart page
  • Import/export bundled promotions
  • Manageable by configuration settings
  • Compatible with latest Magento 2 versions
  • Compatible with multistore
  • 60 days money back guarantee
    60 days money back guarantee
  • Free unlimited updates
    Free unlimited updates
  • 90 days Customer support
    90 days Customer support

Benefits you will get for your website

Product Bundled Discount extension developed by TheOnlineHelper, gives the benefit to display product bundled sets with an amazing discount that encourage customers to buy more products. This extension helps to enhance sales revenue for your stores. You can set date and time to display product bundled discounts.

  • Set flexible/fix bundle type

    Store owner have the ability to create the flexible/flat product bundled type. In a flexible type customer can choose products from bundles whereas in fixed bundled type customers have not any choice.

  • Set time period to show bundled discount

    Store owner can set data and time easily to display the product bundled discounts that is very helpful to start and end discounts automatically.

  • Add tags on product bundles

    Store owner can easily add tags on product bundles that define bundles discount and its attributes like New, featured etc.

  • Promotions for Customer Groups

    Store owner can create specific promotions of the same product bundles for different customer groups.

  • Import/export product bundled promotions

    Store owner can easily import/export product bundled promotions to avoid from creating promotions for every bundle.

  • Display Related Product Bundled At Cart Page

    This extension allows you to add the related product bundled on the cart that gives the better shopping experience to customers.

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