Best 5 Impressive Features for your Ecommerce Platform

Adobe proving that eCommerce increased by a staggering 76.2 per cent year-on-year in June 2020, now is the ideal time to develop your online businesses and set your business up for future achievement.

The problem is, this immense surge in the request also means the competition is tougher than ever as more businesses start marketing online. More further, increasing traffic and transaction volumes bring their individual set of challenges like regularly updating website content and building your site is well equipped to cope with the market.

To grow and get the leading of your contenders, you’ll require to craft a really unique and appealing shopping experience. It should convey everything so modern clients come to demand, while also signifying easy to operate on a day-to-day basis.

It only begins with holding a robust, stable and full of impressive features eCommerce platform to empower your online purchases.


  1. Content Updating 

    Research by Salsifydiscovered that 87 per cent of customers rate product content is quite high when choosing to buy. A steady flow of high-quality and personalised content can increase both exchanges and search engine achievement. But the truth is that updating information can be time-consuming and expensive if it has to be performed by a third-party developer or company. 
    It is very important to keep an eCommerce platform that provides you to instantly and simply do modifications in-house. Magento Commerce, for example, begins with a powerful Page Builder that allows you to update content and build page/product designs in real-time. It sustains a wide variety of content types, including images and videos – and you won’t require any code.

  2. Instant Checkout

    Did you know that nearly 70% of buyers abandon their cart without finishing their shopping? Frequently this is because the checkout method is long and complex (21%), or the site needs them to make an account before buying (28%). Fortunately, you can massively decrease card abandonment by deciding on an eCommerce platform that has a quick and easy checkout method. Look out for specialities like guest checkout, which provides shoppers to complete a purchased without register themselves. It’s a tiny thing, but it can surely increase your progress.

  3. Personalized Product Suggestions

    Product suggestion gives higher than 30% of eCommerce income. Designing personalised shopping experienced supported by consumers, they are significant for increasing both exchanges and marketing. But not all product suggestions are generated equally. To be efficient, they should be frequently updated to reflect changing terms, shopper decisions and actions. As you can think, this would be hugely challenging and time-consuming if performed manually. Fortunately, you can automate the method by preferring an eCommerce platform that generates personalised product suggestions depend on machine learning. By producing a sense of shoppers’ web response, suggestions also get more precise over time – with no more work needed on your part!

  4. Assistance for Omnichannel abilities

    If you have both an online appearance and brick-and-mortar markets, your company can help greatly from omnichannel capabilities. Services like click-and-collect and in-store returns (BOPIS, BORIS, etc) are more famous with buyers. To allow these services, you’ll require to select an eCommerce platform that helps omnichannel workflows and interacts with your ERP, POS and other platforms. Magento, for example, combines robust Order Management abilities to help omnichannel operations. It gives real-time access to global catalogue and order data, flexible omnichannel satisfaction options, and many more.

  5. Flexible cloud support

    If you avoid the potential problems, it is important to assure your eCommerce platform and web support is able to scale with your business as it develops. Look for an answer that comes with controlled cloud services and “surge protection” SLAs, ensuring first-rate performance, reliance and security.
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