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    User experience is completely based on optimizing and eliminating bad decisions on your Magento 2 web store. That’s the reason sometimes it may be difficult to optimize your store perfectly. This means the data customer needs for interaction is not there. No doubt there are a lot of guidelines available on the internet and some of them are from Google UX guidelines and other big companies but following them for your Magento store is not that easy. Tailoring that advice according to your business case is always the main challenge.


    It’s not a good idea to build a webs store on instinct instead of data. Because even without basic customer behavior knowledge or records you can easily improve your Magento store design by using basic necessary practices based on your own experiences. We will discuss some crucial Magento e-commerce store UX mistakes and how we can improve those in our own designs.


    The Perfect Store

    Almost every store is different. But there are some basics mistakes 90% of the Magento e-commerce stores do. After observing those mistakes hundreds of times we have decided to make a complete guide for developers and admins to avoid them.

    We cannot eat a whole elephant at once but logically we can it piece by piece. This example sounds funny but we can apply it in our Magento stores. So let’s jump into our main sections and improve them one by one.


    Store UI and Navigation

    First of all, see if there is anything broken in your store, especially if there is something important which can annoy your daily visitors, Fix it.


    Better Magento 2 store performance

    Performance is an important factor that affects the overall user experience. You may have the patience for your store to load but your customers don’t. Every second a person leaves your website and this way in just 8 seconds your will lose half of your visitors. Use a better server and optimize your Magento 2 to offer your visitors a fast and easy experience.


    Never overcrowd products

    The customer gets panics and leaves your website instantly if there are too many products on one page. It may confuse the customer and divert the attention from the actual product he was interested in. A natural easy to use and friendly product page will take your client directly to the checkout. The goal is to provide enough information about the product so they can click and read more about the same product. After reading the details user will probably buy or at least visit another related product. This way you can build a strong concise path to checkout by logically connecting each page.


    CTAs must be visible

    Making CTA (call to action) buttons extremely visible, bright and interactive encourages the user to buy a product. To build a strong product page you must always try different tests to see which option works for your specific site. Always place buttons at the right place where the user can easily see them.


    Always state the price

    For a Magento e-commerce website, it’s the most important rule to mention the price visible and understandable for the buyer. If the user cannot find the price of the product and get confused about it he will probably leave the site and if the price differs on both product and cart, then this will lead to cart abandonment and will bring the sales down immediately.

    To avoid such problems, make the price visible and put new the important elements, you can use bright colors, large or bold fonts and never forget to mention extra shipping prices. Add a summed-up price or use a price calculator to make the design more user-friendly.


    More product variations

    “The Product is awesome but I want another color”

    This is the thing most e-commerce retailers listen to, Customers may fall in love with your brand and start making purchases but they also want variety and more choices. That’s the place where product variations take place. Product variations may vary according to the product, it could be the size, color, design, shape, and others. But these minor variations can improve the customer experience and boost your conversions to almost double.

    Now to display the product variation it is important to always use the correct method. An important problem here to discuss is the user most of the time gets confused and does not find how to filter the product correctly. So they leave the site faster than you jump to help them in case of any error while going towards the cart.

    What is the solution then? The best method is to display the variations on the left side of the product page in the form of filters, some e-commerce sites like to add pictures and swatches on the right-hand side of the product page which is quick and effective as well.


    Do not overdo Floating UI Elements

    Do not add very big cookie policies, big hovers on products, chat messages, and big sales pop-ups. It feels annoying and unprofessional to the user and causes trouble while scrolling and clicking on the other areas. It’s just a bad user experience.


    Chasing new trends?

    Keep the website simple. Design, colors, and font choices must be modern but easy to use. It’s never a good idea to go with very modern designs. You may think it’s a bad suggestion but we will explain this with an example. Hamburgers menus which are mostly used for mobile apps are trending now for desktops. People do not like to go through an extra click. Instead of having a situation full of UI elements because they are trendy and the owner likes them is not a good thing. The user wants ease so each element must fulfill its purpose.

    A clean website environment for the customers makes the overview of your entire store better.


    Remove extra categories and 404 pages

    It must be your number 1 priority to remove extras and keep the store clean. People do not trust a website with a lot of 404 pages, it may affect the search engine ranking or lower the conversions down. Fixing your 404 pages will help you to avoid Google penalties and other consequences. Some links may not be valid but can capture attention for your website, use proper 301 redirects for them.

    To make google forget about unimportant links you can use 410 redirects.


    Reduce required fields

    Sometimes required fields like “email” and “phone number” create barriers between the sales and the customers. Get rid of extra required fields if possible.  Your goal is not to collect every possible personal information; sales are your priority. Chat with customers to decide what products will suit them. Give an authentic and reasonable answer and at the end, you can ask for a number and email if you want to.


    Get creative

    Be creative with your store, visualize what users can see and interact with. You can use bright colors and make your menu live to add a new accent to your designs. Some menus may have few and some have more options. To make them look consistent you can use visual elements in small menus. They will look like they are the same size in this way.


    Consistency and categories

    Store categories must always be consistent. Choose the same headings and subheadings, repetitive categories can create a problem in google ranking and can cripple SERP rankings for your website.

    Never use a category with a single product. They allow the customer to shop by brand, room or any specific style. Having a single product category will waste customer’s time.


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