The Top 5 Problems you might experience if you move to Magento 2

If you've ever moved to a new location, you know how accurate this remark is. Every action causes havoc, losses, and harm. It's no surprise that Magento 1 store owners dread the prospect of upgrading to Magento 2. How will you handle all of the present website's customizations? How do I save all of the options? What should you do if you don't want to lose any vital information? These and other concerns are weighing on businesses' thoughts, leading many to believe that migration to Magento 2 is not necessary. So, today, we'll tackle our most basic worries and find solutions to the most typical issues that come with migrating.

List of the problems you might experience by Magento 2:

  1. The Theme from Magento 1 doesn't work in Magento 2
  2. You must find extensions for all of the features you originally had
  3. Checking, Screening, Evaluating
  4. Seo Concerns
  5. Brand new interface

Trouble#1: The Theme from Magento 1 doesn't work in Magento 2

You won't be able to keep your current theme when you upgrade to Magento 2. You'll have to look for a new one. And, to answer your question directly, you will need to redo all of the storefront customizations.

You can buy a ready-made theme to alleviate all of this work. As a result, all you have to do now is install it, test it, and customize it. Some themes even have pre-installed extensions and Style Guides to help with migration and modification. Additionally, Magento 2 themes are faster and have a better code structure, making it easy to achieve greater performance with them.

Trouble#2: You must find extensions for all of the features you originally had?

M1 and M2 extensions differ in the same way that the theme does. Some of the capabilities were built into Magento's core functionality, while others required third-party plugins. Let's look at the positive side if choosing new seams is a tough task for you. When migrating to Magento, it's a good idea to go over everything you've set up and only keep the necessities. Furthermore, because M2 functionality is more reachable than M1, you'll probably need fewer extensions. And the fewer modules you use, the better your site's performance will be.

Finally, do you recall how time-consuming it was to install a new Magento 1 plugin? Because Magento 2 supports HTML5, LESS, and CSS3, there will be fewer conflicts and compatibility difficulties.

Trouble#3: Checking, Screening, Evaluating

Opponents of Magento 2 migration frequently tell business owners that they will have to test everything, and it will take forever. We're not going to keep this from you. It will undoubtedly take time. However, Magento 2 does include automation features, one of which is MFTF. You may test all of the basic capabilities right out of the box. Our extensions are also covered by MFTF testing at TheOnlineHelper, allowing them to be auto-tested.

Trouble#4: Seo Concerns

The database structures of Magento 1 and Magento 2 are different. What does it have to do with SEO? When you upgrade to Magento 2, you'll notice that the URL structure has changed, which could damage your website's re-indexing and result in traffic loss. However, there are two possible solutions to this issue. To begin with, Magento 2 includes default URL Rewrite settings.

Third-party solutions are available if you require even more complex capability. For example, we're currently developing the URL Rewrites Regenerator extension, which will be available soon. This plugin allows you to customize category/product URL suffixes, routes, separators, canonical links, and other Seo parameters to improve the look of your URLs.

Trouble#5: Brand new interface

Magento 2 includes a completely new user interface. It may appear challenging to re-learn how to use the platform. But, with the help of Magento user guidelines and a helpful community, you'll become used to it and realize how user-friendly it is.

What is the best way to solve all of the problems at once?

All of the issues we discussed above have remedies, but they can still be a pain. The good news is that you can find answers to all of them in one place: Do you need a new theme that you can customize? We've got a theme with style guides and a lot of built-in add-ons. Are you looking for the add-ons? When it comes to Magento modules, we know what we're talking about. Do you require assistance with integrations? Our professionals are ready to assist you with the integration process.

And it's not the case. As part of our Magento migration service, TheOnlineHelper’s custom development team is ready to assist you with every step of the migration process.


If you're having issues with the Magento 2 interface or its extensions, you're only a few steps away from resolving them. Visit TheOnlineHelper today to start living a stress-free life!
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