How To Add Bundle Product In Magento 2

In Magento 2, bundle products are almost identical to the grouped product. In the bundle, you can create your own customized ones. products. Bundle product is a collection of simple and virtual products. You can set a dynamic or limited amount for the bundle.

Before setting up a bundle product, you will need to first create a few simple product forms that you will create a bundle.

For example, if you sell shirts, jeans and belts etc at your e-commerce store. You can create a lot of clothes, if you choose, you can donate shirts, jeans etc.

To Create Bundle Product 

Do follow these steps to add bundle product,

Step1: Select the product type

  • On the Admin panel, go to catalog>products
  • Click on the upper right corner of the Add Product button and select the Bundle Product.



Step2: Select the Attribute Set

  • In the search box, enter the attribute name.
  • In the list select the attribute you want to use.



Step3: Fill the Required Fields

  • Enter the product name.
  • Your product name is the default SKU or enter the different SKU value, and set the type of value that is dynamic or fixed.
  • You can set price and SKU dynamically or fixed,
  • If you want the price change according to selected options, then choose dynamic and leave the price blank.
  • If you choose fixed, then enter the price of the bundle.
  • You can select the Tax class as None or Taxable Goods if the bundle has dynamic pricing the tax is determined for each item.
  • The quantity is not available because the product group is made up of the individual product.
  • You can set the stock status, the default value is In stock.
  • Enter the weight of the product, if you assign fixed to weight.
  • Set dynamic weight set to yes and then leave weight blank.
  • To assign a category, click on the select box and choose the existing category.
  • To make a new category, click on the New Category button.
  • Select the country name.


Step4: Content

  • Enter the product description for the product page
  • Short description is used for the RSS feed or product page, category page etc.

Step5: Bundle Items 

  • Set the ship bundle items, Seperately or Together.
  • If you select together, the products must be assigned the same source.
  • Click on the Add Option Button.
  • The option title is used as a field lable.
  • Set the input type from the from the select, like dropdown, radio button, checkbox and multiple select.
  • Click on the Required checkbox, to make the field is required.


  • Now click on the Add Product to Option and select the product that you want to add in option.
  • Click on the Add Selected Products.


  • The items appear in the options section, choose an item in the default selection.
  • Enter the quantity of each item that is to be added in the bundle.
  • Select User Defined, to allow the customer to change the quantity of the bundle.


  • Repeat the same process for each item.

Step6: Add Images And Videos

  • Add images and videos to display on the product page.


Step7: Publish the Product

  • If you want to publish the product, Enable Product to Yes.
  • Click on the Save button and select Save & Close.



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