How to Setup the Flat Rate Shipping Method in Magento 2

The flat Rate Shipping process is an easy solution to set up the shipping process at your store. It requires a fixed shipping fee for each order with various sizes or weights or any shipping addresses. Because it is simple to set up and apply, flat rate shipping is recommended with multiple carriers.

If you want to charge separate shipping rates on your store, you can do it with Free Shipping Method and Table Rate Shipping Method.


Set up Flat Rate Shipping process in Magento 2:

  • On the Admin Panel, click on Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • On the sidebar, under Sales, select the Delivery Methods tab.
  • Click on the Flat Rate section,
    • Allow the shipping method by selecting Yes for that. At that moment, a Flat Rate is possible in the Estimate Shipping and Tax field of the shopping cart, and further in the Shipping field during checkout.
    • Set up the Title for the flat rate shipping on the checkout page.
    • Explain the process in the Method Name field that shows the estimated shipping rate in the shopping cart. 
  • To simplify the terms for employing Flat Rate Shipping Method, set the Type to one of the following:
      • Note: The shipping rate for this type is zero, which is related to the free shipping method.
      • Per Order: configure the flat rate shipping for the entire order.
    • Per Item: Configure the flat rate shipping for every item. The rate is increased by the number of items in the cart, despite whether there are many quantities of the same or separate items.
    • Allow the Price that you require to charge for flat rate shipping.
    • If you claim to charge an extra handling fee, set the estimated Handling Fee to ‘fixed’ or per cent, and then insert the number you need to set in the Handling Fee section.
    • Type the short text for Shown Error Message if the flat rate shipping is not available.
  • Configure Ship to Appropriate Countries to one of two choices:
      • All Allowed Countries: Free Shipping is recommended for every country.
    • Specific Countries: Flat Rate Shipping is only recommended for specific countries.
    • Configure the Sort Order on the Shipping Method on the checkout page.
  • Click on the Save Config to finish it.


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