How to Reindex from admin in Magento 2

Backend Reindex

Indexing from the Admin Panel is not allowed by default in Magento 2, we can only do that from the Command line or using some custom Magento 2 Module. We have developed a free Indexer Magento 2 extension which can be used. Please follow the below steps in order to install and use it.

Reindex extension purpose

Reindex extension by TheOnlineHelper allows store admins to update Single or multiple indexes manually right from the admin backend easily without running any command line.


How to Install?

  • Download the .zip file of Reindex from the admin module.
  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Paste the file in your vendor directory.
  • Run the setup upgrade command to install the module.
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • Now run the command to clean cache.
php bin/magento cache:clean


How to Configure?

  • In the admin panel, go to System > Index Management

Reindex single indexer

  • In the Reindex Column, you can Reindex individual indexers.

Reindex selected indexers: 

  • Click the checkboxes to select the indexers you need to reindex
  • Click on the Reindex button
  • Press Submit button

Reindex all at once

  • In the Actions drop-down, choose the Select all option.
  • Click on the Reindex button
  • Click on Submit button

User roles with reindex

Step 1

  • In the Admin panel, go to Admin > System > User role

Step 2 Add a new role resource

  • In the field of Role Name, set the name for the user role.
  • In the field of Your Password, set the password.
  • Click on the checkbox to select Index management and Indexer reindex to give access to the user role.
  • Click on the Save Role button.

Step 3

  • Click on checkboxes to select one or more role users for admin accounts, then click on Save Role.
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